Action happens when your cause is personalized

No matter how extravagant your landing page looks, it won’t be successful if your content is not personalized and worthy of donation. Move past “small talk” and create meaningful conversations. In other words, move past the notion of simply reTweeting, answering questions, and posting gratitude on your Facebook Page. Appeal to your audience and build substance in your words while creating a relationship. In order to do this, brainstorm a content strategy.

“A picture speaks a thousand words”
Make the picture meaningful and back it up!

Here are seven ways to transform your brainstorm effective content into content attainment:

  1. Understand why they donate. The real reason. The one that has nothing to do with price or even product. For example, “I donate to because my best friend has contracted HIV.”
  2. Collaborate with your employees. What’s the real reason you work hard for our brand? Think beyond the paycheck and benefits and tap into their emotions.
  3. Polarize. Can you really sincerely speak about your beliefs to an extremist? Think of balance and genuineness. Think Greenpeace and the GOP.
  4. Plan. Initiate conversation within your business about the brand. Listen to each other and map our why these conversations matter.
  5. Be resourceful. Find bloggers who are already passionate about the brand. Find out how they are engaging with other constituents. Learn from each other.
  6. Be aware of what it is that’s engaging the customers of your competition. “What are they doing effectively that we aren’t?”
  7. Listen and be sincere. Customers like to feel cared about and spoken to with integrity. Be truthful, transparent, and genuine.

The American Cancer Society has done more than simply talking; it has created a successful content strategy. It has engaged in meaningful conversation that has made an impact. They have created conversation about “creating a world with more birthdays and are continually building an entire community around this notion. This conversation encourages reflection of gratitude, and to celebrate one more happy year.

Share Our Strength, the leading national organization working to end childhood hunger in America, is another passionate community of employees and donors. It got personal with constituents and hosted a world-class fundraising dinner in DC, featuring some of the nation’s top chefs. Share Our Strength’s A Tasteful Pursuit® traveling dinner series, the dinner honored the Obama Administration’s goal of ending childhood hunger in America by 2015, proved the organization to be heartfelt and personal.

When creating a content strategy, ask yourself:

  • What are we about?
  • Why are we relevant?
  • Why should they care about us?
  • How can we personalize our cause? How can we make viewers feel something?

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