Face it, your organization needs an updated Facebook page.

Aside from Google, Facebook is the newest, largest online trend of the decade.

The purpose of having a Facebook page for your non-profit organization is to promote your organization, gain feedback, and most importantly develop fans. Having a Facebook page dismantles a barrier between your organization and your audience. It enables two-way conversation that is a valuable strategy to sustain lifelong supporters.


In such an innovative, evolving world, it is important to keep up with the changes in technology. In order to engage fans and convert casual visitors into fans, you must create an attractive page. Facebook gets “face lifts” nearly every month, and it is essential that you keep up with such adaptations to maintain your sites attractiveness to followers.

The newest update: Facebook pages are now LIVE. The Nonprofit Organizations’ Facebook Page and the Brooklyn Museum’s Facebook Page exemplify the newest design.

According to Nonprofit Tech 2.0: A Social Media Guide for Nonprofits, as of February 2011, there are an additional 5 updates to the Facebook page:

  • The ability to feature your favorite photos across the top of your Page
  • The ability to receive email notifications of activity on your Page
  • The ability to feature five “Favorites” on your Page
  • The ability to feature Page Owners. Administrators can switch between speaking as the page’s brand and as an individual. A box shows the brand and an option to comment under the administrator’s own name.

Navigation tags are now at the left-hand, below your profile image. This means that Pages and Profiles now have the same layout. This is a significant change in the user interface that many businesses are not happy with it. Essentially, the ability of nonprofits to present clear tabbed options at the top of the page, the same way websites present navigation, has been replaced with a less prominent listing of page sections in the left column. In other words, if you make tabs more visible, it will make them seem more important. You can make them seem more important 3 different ways.

First, keep your profile picture to under 200 px in height. This will make your tabs stand out. Second, reorder your tabs in the navigation so the most important ones are first. You can do this by clicking the “More-Edit” feature, then click and drag each section to the desired order. *Note: Wall and Info always come first! Lastly, keep your navigation concise. Include only the essential sections and get rid of the less-useful tabs. You can remove and restore tabs whenever you’d like through the “More-Edit” navigation.

One more useful tip to fulfill an outstanding Facebook page:

  • DON’T let users open the page to your wall. When users land on your wall initially, you lose control of the information they gather at their first impression. Although it most likely will show positive interaction between your brand and its followers, you want each user to see the company’s vision first. Instead, set your Page up so that users land on an About Us page, exposing the brand’s mission as well as providing navigation to Join Us.


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