Are you listening to your audience?

We have already established a key audience for nonprofits-donors. We also know where we can find them -the web! After we have targeted our audience, it is essential to build a relationship with our audience. In order to build a relationship with your audiences, you must get to know them. Think of your audience as your significant other. Treat them the way you want to be treated. Share ideas. Create a two-way conversation by talking and listening to them, and never, never neglect them. Know what they like, dislike, where they are on the web during their free time. Do they have a smart phone, Twitter or Facebook account? Are they annual donors? Do they donate the same, stagnant monetary gift every year? Have they moved to another mailing address? Get to know them on a personal level. Most importantly, LISTEN. Kay Sprinkel Grace, renowned speaker and writer in the field of philanthropy is highlighted on Rosita Cortez’s Blog on Social Media 4 Non-Profits stating that people do not give time and money to organizations because organizations have needs, but rather, because  organizations meet needs. Fundraising is not all about generating money to your nonprofit. It’s about relationships.

Raiser’s Edge Fundraising and Donor Management Systems provides six basic ideas to cultivate a relationship with your supporter:

  1. See a complete view of your relationship by recording every contact you have with prospects and donors
  2. Access extensive biographical and demographic information such as employment history, educational background, interests, and affliliations
  3. Store relevant documents, such as Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel files, scanned photographs and newspaper articles, and even websites, right on the constituent record
  4. Ensure each touch is helping the cultivation process by easily monitoring staff and donor interaction
  5. Identify what works in major donor cultivation, including solicitor assignments, actions, and marketing messages
  6. Communicate easily and quickly with donors by synchronizing your database with existing tools, such as Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Outlook.

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